Make Some DIY Booger Balls


Looking for a craft on this fine Thursday that will keep your kids entertained without a lot of cleanup? Watch this video and make yourself some DIY booger balls. These slimy spheres are fun to throw, touch and roll and they don’t leave a gross residue behind. The video, from YouTuber Kory DeSoto, is more than a little full of innuendo. The “DIY” is a little misleading, as the ingredients come in a box you can get from Amazon, but we’ll let that slide. There’s a fair number of laughs in this clip, notably when DeSoto says that the booger mixture looks like “L.A. tap water,” and even though you won’t learn a lot it’s still worth watching.

There’s a little cringe factor about halfway in, when the dude starts sampling the booger balls with his tongue and rubbing them all over his face, but to each their own. If that’s what you want to do with your life, who are we to be critical? We run a website about balls. Everybody makes their choices.