Man Avoids Jail After Grabbing Police Officer’s Nuts

Man Avoids Jail After Grabbing Police Officer's Nuts

In the grand list of things that you should never do, grabbing a police officer’s ballsack is pretty high up there. They really don’t like that! Luckily for an Australian man, he managed to dodge jail time after getting handsy with a cop’s groin.

NT News has the whole story, and it’s a doozy. Our squeezer is named John Wedlock, who called the police to come to his house and break up an argument last November. When officers reported to the scene, Wedlock became belligerent and told them they couldn’t come in without a warrant. Things escalated, as they tend to, and before you know it they were hauling Wedlock off in the paddy wagon.

Here’s where the squeeze comes in. As the police were loading Wedlock in, he reached one handcuffed hand out and grabbed a deputy’s right testicle. He squeezed hard enough to cause severe discomfort, so he was brought into court on charges of assaulting a police officer.

At the trial, his attorney claimed that he was upset from the prior argument and had no intention of harming the deputy. Wedlock had no prior offenses, so he was given a one month suspended sentence and $1550 in fines for unrelated traffic violations. With the birth of his first child, he claims to be a changed man who won’t do anything like that again.