Man Diagnosed With Third Testicle On TV


Quick, check your ballsack. You should be doing this anyways, but do it now just for completeness’ sake. How many gonads do you have down there? Chances are you said “two,” but for one guy who went on syndicated TV show The Doctors, a surprise was in store in the form of a third testicle.

The condition, known medically as polyorchidism, is a super rare congenital disorder. Only a few hundred cases have ever been reported in the history of medical literature. So when 34 year old Robert contacted The Doctors with pain in his groin, a third testicle wasn’t the first thing they thought of. In many cases, polyorchidism is asymptomatic, meaning people who have it never know.

Robert, though, stated having pain after he got a vasectomy. That’s what led him to going to the Doctors for help. Chronic pain following a vasectomy is a real condition, but the third testicle didn’t add anything to that. His pain is more likely a result of that, so removing the extra ball wasn’t required. There are surgical solutions as well as just a regular dose of pain relief. However, the urologist does recommend that he get an ultrasound fairly regularly for any unusual activity, as giving himself ball checks can be tough with that extra neighbor down there.