Man Disowns Baby Because His Eyes Don’t Match His Testicles

Man Disowns Baby Because His Eyes Don't Match His Testicles

Every once in a while a news story comes over the transom that is so deeply weird it makes us sit for a moment and think about our place in the universe. This bizarre tale from Zambia involving a newborn baby and his father is a head-scratcher like no other.

The man in question is named Oliver Chirwa, and he works as a charcoal burner in the Lundazi District in Eastern Province. He was summoned before a court of tribal elders because his wife, Edith Goma, told them that he was decrying paternity of her newest child. Chirwa suspected infidelity because of a deeply unique reason: the baby had eyes the same size, and each of his previous children had one smaller left eye and a larger right eye.

In a leap of logic that boggles the mind, Chirwa told the court that all of his previous babies had unbalanced eyes as a reflection of his own unbalance - in the testicles. He affirmed that his left ball was inferior to his right, and claimed that his other children were a reflection of that. The tribal elders weren’t having his explanation and dismissed his charges of adultery, telling him that if he refused to take care of the baby that they would expel him from the village.

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