Man Gets Testicle Wedged In Shower Stool

There’s a reason that the scrotum keeps the balls close to the body: because they’re delicate, and we need them. That being said, people are still managing to get their boys in all kinds of precarious situations. Case in point: this news article from the Romford Recorder which tersely tells the tale of a Hornchurch man who let one of his nuts slip into a hole in a shower stool, only to discover that he couldn’t get it out.

The man called an ambulance, and paramedics managed to extricate his gonad from the tight hole. It’s unclear as to whether he was taken to a hospital or left to sleep it off at home.

How do you get your balls stuck in something? Well, when you’ve lathered up a body part, it’s easy for it to slip into a slightly smaller space, especially when the force of gravity is pulling it downwards. Once the soap is washed off, natural friction - along with the swelling that occurs - makes it much more difficult to pull out. For safety’s sake, check your shower stool for any questionable holes before you hop in for a wash.