Man With Testicular Cancer Does Creative Haircuts

Swiss Man With Testicular Cancer Does Creative Haircuts

One of the many little things that testicular cancer patients have to deal with is chemotherapy-induced hair loss. For men especially with the specter of balding just around the corner as they age, it can be a very difficult decision to lose their flowing locks. But for Canadian man Joseph Barnes, he took it as an opportunity to finally explore the many haircuts he’d never had an opportunity to rock.

Barnes was diagnosed with testicular cancer in June, and decided that instead of letting the medication make his hair fall out, he would take matters into his own hands. He said “Instead of finding it all over the house, (I thought) it would be more fun to do it on my terms,” and found a friend who was willing to give him multiple haircuts. He linked up with photographer Sven de Almeida to document the process, which the duo dubbed “The Humor In The Tumor.”

Showing off a panoply of outrageous looks, including a massive mohawk, Barnes also started his own podcast about the experience, Having A Ball. Here’s the first episode.

We wish him nothing but luck and good fortune in his battle with the disease. Thanks for doing it in style.

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