Man’s 80 Pound Testicles Are Ruining His Life


We’ve seen some pretty big balls on this website, but the sack toted around by 40 year old Dan Maurer is something else. For seven years, his scrotum has been growing uncontrollably to the point where it now tips the scales at 80 pounds. He compares the growth to carrying around two bowling balls between his legs, causing him an incredible amount of pain in his back.

In 2015, Dan had surgery to remove the scrotal lymphedema, traveling by train to California where he consulted with urologist Dr Joel Gelman. Gelman had performed a similar procedure on a man named Wesley Warren Jr, who had the same condition but an even larger man-bag. The grueling surgery took 14 hours but at the end of it Maurer’s genitals were returned to normal and he could once again walk comfortably and pursue a healthy lifestyle with his family.

If you or somebody you know has unexplained growth in their sack, please go to the doctor and have it checked out. There’s no reason Dan should have been suffering for so long with 80 pound testicles. Medical science may not be perfect, but it definitely has an answer for this particular problem.

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