Manu Ginobili Undergoes Testicle Surgery Due After Taking Errant Knee

Oof. Manu Ginobili, seen here shooting the ball with his testicles intact and in the correct anatomical layout, is out at least a month after a very uncomfortable knee to the groin courtesy New Orleans Pelican stretch forward Ryan Anderson. He is now recovering after undergoing testicle surgery on February 4th. What kind of testicle surgery, you ask? Well, we don’t know, but it’s not the optional kind. As you can see, this is not exactly the kind of thing that Manu (or any sane person) would be doing for fun.

As for the chances that this injury impacts their championship title chase, we wouldn’t worry too much, Spurs fans. It’s not as if they’ve lost the best player in their franchise’s history to a bone injury of indeterminate length; the Spurs have a good idea of how long Ginobili will be out, and while Manu is an essential ingredient in the San Antonio recipe, he is probably their 5th most important player at best. Plus, they’ve gone without him before and done just fine. The Spurs will, in all likelihood, be competing with the Warriors in May for a chance to advance to the NBA Finals yet again.

Not that it’s of much comfort to Ginobili, of course, who has a few weeks to think about the phrase “testicle surgery” without vomiting. Good luck, Manu!