Marathon Runner Crosses Finish Line With His Balls Out

Marathon Runner

When you run a marathon, your mind tends to sort of disassociate from your body as your legs feverishly pump away. That’s good - it lets you continue without being aware of your pain and fatigue. But it can also result in some pretty embarrassing moments, like the kind that struck a runner at Slovakia’s Košice Peace Marathon this weekend.

The winner of the race was Kenyan Reuben Kiprop Kerio, and congratulations to him, but we’re more concerned with Jozef Urban, the tenth place finisher. As he was running the last few meters of the marathon, Urban’s ballsack and unit flopped out of the bottom of his running shorts and bounced frantically in view of the spectators and the television audience. Needless to say, this video is NSFW unless you work in a Russian sauna or something:

Entertainingly enough, Urban notched a personal best for the Košice Peace Marathon, shaving a staggering 27 seconds
off of his previous record. I guess having your balls out can give you motivation for all kinds of things. Considering that the first marathon was probably run fully nude, we can take Urban’s exposure as a little respect for history. Or maybe he just needs longer shorts.

We got the tip from Deadspin, so thanks to those good brothers.