Mariners Outfielder On The DL With A Grisly Testicle Injury

Mariners Outfielder On The DL With A Grisly Testicle Injury

Baseball isn’t the most high impact of the professional sports, but there are still plenty of opportunities for injury. Just ask Seattle Mariners outfielder Mitch Haniger, who wound up on the bench last week for a ruptured testicle. Let’s dive in and see if we can learn how it happened.

Last Thursday, the Mariners went down to the Astros in a grueling 14 inning loss, closing the game out 8-7. Haniger was at bat in the third inning when he hit a foul ball at the worst possible angle, deflecting it right into his groin. The tough as nails player managed to stick with the game until the seventh inning before he left the field, and upon seeing the team doctor he was diagnosed with a ruptured testicle. Haniger is a notoriously stoic player, so the pain he was feeling must have been pretty intense.

Haniger’s injury puts 11 Mariners players on the disabled list, which is a brutal situation for the beleaguered team. Even crazier, three of his teammates have suffered similar injuries - Josias Manzanillo, Mike Parrott and Adrian Beltre. Haniger underwent surgery immediately and no timetable has been given for his return to active duty. We wish him a full recovery.

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