Mastodon Guitarist Claims To Have Grown A Third Testicle


Heavy metal band Mastodon is preparing for the release of their new album Emperor Of Sand, and if it’s anything like their last it’ll be a guaranteed banger. The group let cameras into the studio to document its production, but guitarist Brent Hinds revealed some secrets - including the boast that he recorded some of the album’s guitar tracks… on the Moon.

“[I didn’t encounter] any extra-terrestrial life, but I did grow an extra testicle while I was out there. I have three testicles now, so the solos have three balls.

“Extra testicle, one extra testicle at the solos. I grew it while I was doing them. I watched it grow, I was like, ‘Ohhh yeah.’

“I felt pretty good about it, knowing I’m the only guitar player in the history of the world who ever did track inside the Moon. That’s why I did it, I was like, ‘Let’s break some records.’

“Breaking my records at the house, I was like, ‘This is not what I wanna do in my life, I wanna break an actual record, like not an LP. I wanna break an actual Guinness Book of World record.’ Guess I’ll be talking to the Guinness Book of World Records about that.”

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