Matador Gets A Horn In The Scrotum

Bullfighting is one of those “sports” that really doesn’t seem to be long for this world. Sure, the art of the matador is a traditional one with centuries of history behind it, but getting charged at by a massive mammal with a pair of wickedly sharp horns just doesn’t seem all that safe.

A Spanish bullfighter discovered that the hard way this week when the bull he was dueling with hit him low and speared right through his testicle. The incident happened at the Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas in Madrid. The bullfighter in question was a trainee named Juan Miguel, who was in the ring along with Andy Younes to warm up before the more experienced matadors performed.

The bull charged the duo and caught Miguel low in his groin, spearing its horn right through his scrotum and throwing him into the air. He managed to limp away under his own power, but lost consciousness at the edge of the arena. The animal also traumatically injured Younes during its rampage.

Both matadors were still hospitalized at press time.

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