Meet Nadkins, The Wipes For Your Balls


Do you sometimes feel… not so fresh down there? Ball funk is a very real concern in this world, and now there’s finally a product for men to take care of it. Manager, Inc. just announced the release of Nadkins, the “gentleman’s solution to solving swamp-crotch this summer.” Buildup of moisture in your underpants area can cause fungal growth, leading to bad smells, itching, redness and irritation. The last thing you need is mushrooms on your mushroom, so keeping the area clean is vital.

Sure, you could bring a washcloth with you and swab your berries down in the restroom, but why not use a product specially formulated for the task? Nadkins are made with Aloe Vera (soothes irritation); Allantoin (cleans away dead skin); Vitamin E (protects & nourishes); Colloidal Oatmeal (soothes dry, itchy skin); Menthyl Lactate (cools & refreshes); and Grapefruit Essence (freshens naturally). This combination not only keeps your area clean but makes it smell fresh. The cloth-like material of the wipes is sturdy and large enough to handle just about anybody’s junk.

Sold? You can get Nadkins at their official website in packs of 10 and 30. If you know that this is a real problem for you, subscribe for a monthly delivery. Kudos to you, Manager, for creating a product that we never knew we needed but now can’t live without.