Melody Donchet Is Our New Balls Crush


This world never ceases to surprise us. Up until today, we’d never heard of “freestyle soccer,” a sort of performance dance using a soccer ball that shows off insane levels of dexterity. One of the world’s most preeminent practitioners of this niche activity is a gorgeous French woman named Melody Donchet, who is starting to break through to the mainstream for her insane skills.

Donchet is the winner of the 2014 Street Style World Championship and the Red Bull Street Style competition, meaning that she stands head and shoulders above the rest of the pack. That video above may seem long, but once you see what she can do with her feet (and the rest of her body), it just flies by.

We’re going to make a bold prediction and say that it won’t be long before Donchet snags a high-profile endorsement deal on this side of the Atlantic. A cute, charismatic young woman who also knows how to handle balls like nobody’s business? That’s money waiting to be made, people.

Thanks to MensXP for tipping us off.