Why Are Men Injecting Botox Into Their Scrotums?

Why Are Men Injecting Botox Into Their Scrotums?

Botox has been a go-to thing in plastic surgery for several decades now, used to tighten and tone skin primarily on the face. But in this age of ultimate vanity, some guys are asking their surgeons to give themselves a little shot in the balls, and we’re against it.

Just to get our perspective known right at the top: we believe that every ball is beautiful, especially if it’s healthy. If you take good care of your gonads and check them for unusual growths then you should have no compunctions about your testicles. But not all men are that comfortable with how they look. That’s why they’re turning to “scrotox” to pep up their downstairs.

Botox, if you’re not familiar, is made from a powerful neurotoxin, Clostridium botulinum. In the wild, if you get this as a disease it’s called botulism. Scientists tamed it for good a while back, because the toxin can block the passage of signals from the brain to a localized body part. When it’s injected into the face, it stops involuntary muscle motions that can lead to wrinkling, creating a more relaxed appearance.

When it’s shot into the balls, the principle is pretty much the same. But your nutsack isn’t a tightly-stretched expanse of skin. It’s designed to be loose to allow your boys to retract into the body cavity if it gets too cold and keep those precious sperm at the right temperature. Interfering with that process is asking for trouble, especially using a neurotoxin to do it.

Needless to say, we here at the Ball Report have to come out pretty strongly against injecting Botox into your scrotum. Love your balls no matter what and they’ll love you right back.

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