Messi’s Errant Ball Strikes And Injures Fan


It is perhaps somewhat less terrifying when an errant ball flies over its intended target and into the stands at a soccer game than it is when a hockey puck misses its mark and goes airborne, but it’s not totally clear why.

Yes, hockey pucks are certainly less visible to the naked eye, because of the nature of the sport there’s no doubt that the chill air imports a certain sting to contact in the arena.

Given the speed and precision (not accuracy, necessarily, to be clear) at which Lionel Messi is known to strike the ball, however, we will for the time being steer clear of most Argentinian (and Barcelona) football events.

And it’s only partially because we can’t get tickets.

So this particular errant ball smashes up a fan’s wrist pretty good, it looks like, and leaves her rather woozy. Imagine how powerful that strike must have been to incur that kind of velocity so far away from the initial contact, and ponder a future wherein footballers receive prestigious golden balls for their aptitude at smashing innocent fans up, and weep.

But also weep for the state of internet comments, which have been dead for some time, but are nevertheless freshly buried under each YouTube video.

errant ball

Let’s do better, folks. And let’s put up some nets as well.