Miley Cyrus Gives Jimmy Kimmel The Wrecking Ball Treatment

The days of “Wrecking Ball” and bad behavior seem to be mostly behind Miley Cyrus, as she’s transitioned back to a more family-friendly image in line with her Hannah Montana days. We can’t begrudge her for that - gotta make that paper, after all, and collaborations with the Flaming Lips guy and public bonghits don’t necessarily bring in the deals. As part of her latest PR swing, Cyrus appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to play a particularly funny prank on the show’s host.

Kimmel’s wife Molly McNearney likes to mess with her husband while he’s sleeping, and a few years ago she got Rihanna to give him a very unwlecome wakeup call complete with strobe lights and dollar bills flying around. That was impressive, sure, but this year she did him one better by getting Cyrus, wearing a hard hat, to storm into his bedroom accompanied by flashing lights, fake rubble and general chaos and wake him up by pounding on the bed with a sledgehammer.

Apparently the beleaguered host’s nutsack might have taken a stray hit from the hammer in the process, which makes it doubly relevant for inclusion here on the Ball Report. Enjoy the clip and pray this never happens to you.

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