Mom Gets Finger Smashed By Flying Bowling Ball

Mom Gets Finger Smashed By Flying Bowling Ball

You gotta be careful when you participate in any sport, even the most sedentary. Danger lurks everywhere. Just ask Hayley Byfield, who went for a casual days out at the Hollywood Bowl in Cardiff and ended up with a brutally mangled finger courtesy of a flying bowling ball.

Byfield’s two children were on half-term break and she was looking for ways to keep them entertained when she decided on bowling. The trio were just about ready to start their game when a distressing series of events struck. Her son Isaac was trying to pick up a ball that was too heavy for him, as ten year olds are wont to do. So Byfield went over and selected a lighter ball for him. While she was carrying it over, she tripped on a wooden rail and went flying, losing her grip on the bowling ball in the process.

What goes up must come down, and the heavy sphere plummeted right onto her exposed middle finger, completely shattering it so deep that horrified onlookers could see the bone poking through. Medical help was quickly called and the distraught mum was taken to the emergency room, where it took two hours to repair her devastated digit.

Read more at Wales Online. Warning: there is some incredibly grim and shocking imagery there, so click with caution.