Mother Heartbroken After Hearing Baby’s Rare Cancer Could Return

Mother Heartbroken After Hearing Baby's Rare Cancer Could Return

We wrote just a few weeks ago about the case of young Freddie Burgess-Shardlow, who was diagnosed with testicular cancer before even reaching his first birthday. Now we’re offering an update to the story that’s a sad one, as his mother is heartbroken to hear that the little man’s disease is likely to return, and there may not be a cure.

The boy’s ectomesenchymoma is being treated with a robust course of chemotherapy, and he has three more courses to complete before his body can recover. Unfortunately, it’s not a guarantee, and if the cancer does re-assert itself, doctors fear that there will be little they will be able to do to save Freddie’s life. His oncologist is stating that it is looking likely that it could return in August, and his system will be too weak for additional chemotherapy.

His mother Emma wants other parents to make sure to advocate for their little ones, saying “I would say to any parent please, please check your little boys and if you feel anything abnormal or if you think that something doesn’t feel right then please get it checked. If you’re still not happy keep getting it checked until you’re happy with what you are being told.”

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