Motorcycle Injury Leaves Man With Torn Testicle

Motorcycle Injury Leaves Man With Torn Testicle

When you hop on a bike, you’re definitely taking risks that drivers of cars don’t share. Without the metal walls on all four sides, riders are significantly more vulnerable to accidents. This tragic motorcycle injury from Britain does a great job of illustrating just that.

The incident happened on the busy A69 road in Northumberland. A man named Stephen Frankland was towing a trailer full of plants near Hexham when he crashed into a motorcycle carrying a man and a woman. The trailer was large enough to obstruct his vision, and he was unable to avoid smashing into the pair.

The married couple in the accident were coming home from a trip where they traveled over 2,000 miles through Europe on the bike. The accident was truly the worst way to finish up their journey. They were thrown from their vehicle and hit the pavement hard, with the female passenger breaking her pelvis and the male suffering a number of minor internal injuries, abrasions and most notably a tear in his scrotum that had to be surgically repaired.

Frankland pled guilty to one count of careless driving and was allowed to keep his license. He seemed truly remorseful about the motorcycle injury.

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