Movember Foundation Targets Testicular Cancer

Movember Foundation

When you’ve been doing something for a long time, it can get a little lonely. Day in and day out, we’re here reminding you to check your balls, to think about testicular cancer, and to see a doctor if you notice anything wrong. It’s a proud vocation and we’re happy to do it, but sometimes we’d like some help.

Guess what? A big name just weighed in on testicular cancer. The Movember Foundation, which came to fame asking men to grow mustaches in November to raise funds for a variety of charities, is all in on nuts.

In a post on The Good Men Project, Sam Gledhill explains that the organization is targeting testicular cancer for their yearly initiative. Their reasoning is very solid - even though it’s a relatively rare cancer worldwide, for men 15-40 it’s by far the most common. And although treatment options are well-developed, preventative measures just aren’t there.

We know that environmental and lifestyle factors can lead to other types of cancer, but research needs to be done into finding more ways for men to protect themselves. At the Sean Kimerling Foundation, we’ve been pushing for more resources into both research and awareness, and it’s great to see other groups coming on board.

In addition, men who have suffered from testicular cancer need support even after their cured. It can be a difficult and painful treatment that has severe fertility repercussions, and taking care of men’s mental health is rapidly becoming a major issue. Raising awareness of testicular cancer also means opening our hearts to its sufferers and trying to improve their lives.

After the Running of the Balls this June, why not clear some space on your upper lip and keep the good deeds coming.

We welcome the Movember Foundation’s efforts to help make the world better for balls.