The Nastiest WWE Low Blows Will Make You Cringe


As we continue our weekend of wrestling-related content in preparation for Great Balls Of Fire, the time has come to share this video compilation of the most vicious WWE low blows of all time. Going to the groin is against the rules in the squared circle, but that doesn’t mean that grapplers don’t do it. In this clip from the federation’s official YouTube channel, we get ten nut shots that resonated through wrestling history.

All of the greats are here, from the Wazzup headbutt that became the trademark of the Dudley Boyz to Ric Flair’s notorious mule kick to the family jewels. The dirtiest player in the game could have supported a top 10 list all by himself with how much he loved to go low, but the feature also has Chris Jericho’s cruel boot to Shawn Michaels, the Rock delivering a stiff shot to the Legion of Doom, and much more. Even though we all know wrestling is fake, these clips still make us wince.