NBA Ref Blows Two Jump Balls in a Row

We’re not sure what two back-to-back failed jump balls says about the quality of the game they’re preceding, but one thing is for sure: they signal that the referee in charge is having a bit of an off night. 20 year veteran referee Leon Wood, himself a former NBA player and 1st round pick in the 1984 NBA draft, just can’t get these two jump balls right.

“I’ve never seen three tosses opening up…is that a bad omen for this game or what,” said living legend Hubie Brown of the double false starts this past Wednesday night, and he was right. The game was sloppy on both ends, though the Celtics were the team that emerged victorious by a score of 103-94. Nevertheless, both teams seemed affected by that goofy tip off all night long. Jump balls must be more difficult than they look.