Neuronball Is Electric Football For Strategy Dorks

From Kotaku Australia comes this look at free-to-play browser game Neuronball — a mash-up of billiards, pinball, and rugby that incorporates strategy and RPG elements to create something really weird. If it sounds confusing (and it does), then check out the video. On mute, preferably, unless your tolerance for obnoxious robot voiceovers is incredibly high. Kotaku writes that it resembles Counter-Strike spinoff CS Manager, and maybe that’s right. But given the way that you just set up your pieces and go, it looks a heck of a lot like tabletop electric football. Most people playing Neuronball are probably too young to remember electric football, which was a board game with batteries if you can imagine such a thing, but it’s an apt comparison. There were no in-game purchases back then, but it was just about as interactive as this is. Looks fun.