New Cord Stripping Surgery Could Alleviate Testicular Pain

New Cord Stripping Surgery Could Alleviate Testicular Pain

For people who have never experienced chronic testicular pain, it’s hard to describe how debilitating it can be. But now a Maryland doctor is offering a new type of surgery called cord stripping that promises to alleviate ball agony, and it seems very interesting.

Technically known as “denervation of the spermatic cord,” cord stripping is a microsurgical procedure that actually goes in and strips the nerves from the spermatic cord - the mechanism that brings pain signals to the brain. It doesn’t do anything to affect sexual pleasure or the nerves of the penis, just the balls.

Urologist David Fenig, M.D. is a proponent of the procedure, saying “Chronic testicular pain can greatly affect a man’s quality of life. Many patients come to me at wit’s end. The good news is, in the appropriate patient, the denervation surgery has a very high success rate and is often life-changing for patients who have been living with chronic pain, often with no known cause.”

Because testicular pain is different for every patient, an individualized procedure is the best way to handle the issue. The precision of microsurgery in cord stripping make it a very attractive solution for men suffering from testicular pain that won’t go away.

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