NFL Referee Hates Footballs, Children; Possibly a Grinch

If you’re not following the NFL at all this season—and who could blame you, considering the ongoing player health crisis that is so obvious Hollywood has finally moved to commodify it—you’re probably not aware of the fact that Panthers QB Cam Newton is running away with the MVP honors on his way to an undefeated season.

Because of the fucked-up way the media works, though, you might have heard about his “negative conduct” and thought, “Hey this guy seems like a real jerk.” You’d be wrong, and not just because of his insistence on giving young Carolina fans the footballs he scores with, but that’s a pretty good start.

Why this particular referee thinks he can or should put a stop to Cam’s generosity with footballs is anybody’s guess, but it doesn’t work anyhow. Maybe he’s one of those blind refs people in the stands are always talking about.