Why Are NYC Tourists So Obsessed With These Bull Balls?


There are plenty of places to snap selfies at when you’re visiting New York City, but one NYC landmark in the Financial District is getting some extra attention lately because of its huge balls. The massive bronze “Charging Bull” statue on Wall Street has long been a symbol of capitalism’s unbridled power, but a new generation of tourists are flocking to it because of what it’s packing down under.

Because the statue is a bull, not a cow, it’s got a pretty hefty pair of bronze testicles hanging down under its backside. Those immense balls are now popping up in the background of selfies all over social media. The New York Daily News sent a reporter down to the scene to interview people about the mysterious attraction of the balls, with a variety of interesting answers.

Some NYC tourists are touching the balls because they think it’ll increase their fertility. Others claim to get a “jolt of electricity” from laying hands on the bronze gonads. And others are doing it just because they saw other people do it. What do you think? Next time you’re in the Big Apple, will you make a side trip to fondle bronze bull balls, or stick to the Empire State Building?