One-Man Show About Testicular Cancer Wins Big At London Fringe Fest


As much of an ordeal as testicular cancer is for survivors, it can also inspire some pretty great art. This year’s London Fringe Festival is wrapping up, and one show that people can’t stop talking about is Daniel Tobias’ The Orchid And The Crow.

Tobias, an Australian actor and musician, was diagnosed with stage three testicular cancer at the age of 29. Over the next decade of treatment and reflection, he began assembling thoughts and songs into a remarkably affecting one-man play. Working with Amanda Palmer collaborator Jherek Bischoff, Clare Bartholomew and John Thorn, Tobias developed a show that was hailed by the critics when it opened at the Malthouse Theatre’s Artist In Residency Program earlier this year.

Bolstered by that success, Tobias took his show on the road to the prestigious London Fringe Fest, and audiences there greeted it with similar acclaim.

Even though this is a one-man show, a veritable army of collaborators worked behind the scenes to illustrate and illuminate Tobias’ tales of religion and hospitalization. In addition to the musicians above, animators Sarah Beetson and Darcy McFall add visual pizzazz to the proceedings.

The London Free Press awarded Tobias their Outstanding Individual Performance award for the show, and the Western Gazette called it a “moving masterpiece of theatre.”

To learn more about The Orchid And The Crow, visit Tobias’s Facebook page.