One Man’s Obsession With Ball Shots In Korean Soap Operas

Korean Soap Operas

YouTube is a wild and wonderful place. People use the video service to upload content from all over the world that’s relevant to their own personal interests. And for a user with the name “My Balls, My Weakness,” that’s primarily nut shots from Korean soap operas.

If you’re not aware, “K-dramas” are hugely popular not just in their native country but abroad. Mexican telenovela fans have embraced Korean soap operas, and they have a solid American fan following as well. The shows are set up slightly differently than American soaps, but follow similar formulas - overheated tales of romance and revenge. And when those things get overheated, apparently dudes get popped in the crotch.

What is it about nut shots in Korean soap operas that so entices “My Balls, My Weakness?” We may never know. All we have is his rapidly growing collection of uploads, culled from hundreds of hours of TV programming to display the nut-wrecking mayhem he obviously craves. Here’s a small selection, but you can check out his whole channel if you so desire.