Paranoid Mom Upset About Ball Pit

Paranoid Mom Ball Pit

The concept of “helicopter parenting” is one that’s come under fire a lot in recent years. The line between taking care of your kids and just being paranoid is a blurry one, and this story of a mom in Singapore who has taken a local ball pit as her nemesis shows just how blurry it is.

Ball pits have been good clean fun for kids for decades - we remember going into one at Chuck E Cheese’s in the 1980s, and that can’t have been the first. Unless some toddler drops trou and takes a crap in them, they’re pretty safe. Not for Vivian Low, though. The Singapore mom took her son Riley to the ball pit at the City Square Mall but things got out of control.

In video footage, you can see Riley fall into the pit and Vivian follow after him. However, she struggles in getting her footing in the pit and panics, screaming and waving her arms. Staffers quickly came and extricated her and a few other children, but she filed a formal complaint about the play area, which contains 40,000 balls. The management has pledged to investigate but commented that no other patrons have complained.

What do you think? Does Vivian have a point about the depth of the City Square Mall ball pit, or is she just being paranoid?

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