Ping Pong Ball Abides Laws of Physics Perfectly

One of the good things about the internet is that you can have virtually any question answered correctly within seconds. If it doesn’t happen as a result of your own research, then the helpful contributions of learned strangers are more or less guaranteed to satisfy every curiosity. On the other hand, one of the bummers of going online is that the people who know a lot of stuff here are big nerds, and they’re generally kind of annoying, almost to the point where you just wished you had stayed dumb and not asked the question in the first place.

Hopefully that wasn’t the case for this guy, who specifically queried the dorks of Reddit, “Why does ping pong ball suck in, when blown out?”, which we’ve all said a thousand times, of course. The answer is Bernoulli’s Principle, which is normally just what people say when something looks weird, but in this case is actually relevant and true. Blowing outward through the small hole creates a vacuum around the ping pong ball and then something else happens, or whatever. It’s a principle or something. Look it up!