Pissed Off Soccer Fans Fill Field With Tennis Balls

German Soccer Fans

We all hate Mondays, but the soccer fans who follow Germany’s Eintracht Frankfurt team take that to a whole new level. The spectators are irate that the club has moved games to Monday nights, and they’re taking it out on the pitch with a hail of tennis balls and streamers.

Fans held signs reading “No to Monday night football” and “Monday is for chest and biceps” in outrage at the weekday game. Thousands of tennis balls rained down onto the pitch, forcing players to take shelter in the dugout. One fan was so pissed off during that game against Liepzig that he suffered a heart attack. It was quite a wild time.

It was a wild game both on and off the field. At one point, both teams got into a wild brawl until referees could separate them. It’s uncertain if the club’s management will take action in the future to adjust the schedule or if this kind of chaos will continue. Obviously soccer hooliganism isn’t a new thing, but it typically doesn’t overwhelm the game to this degree.

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