PIX11 Covers The Running Of The Balls

Sean Kimerling PIX11

This weekend is the annual Running of the Balls, the event hosted by the Sean Kimerling Testicular Cancer Foundation to raise funds and awareness for our mission of outreach and awareness. It may seem like all fun and games here at the Ball Report, but we’re deadly serious about getting guys to self-examine for signs of testicular cancer. Now Sean’s former broadcast home at PIX11 is helping us spread the word.

Kimerling wound up at PIX at the end of his journey through the world of broadcasting and is still fondly remembered there, so it’s not surprising that they’d continue to respect his legacy. The Running of the Balls is a great event and even if it’s too late to register, we’d still love to see you there offering support for the cause. It’s a wonderful way for survivors, supporters and interested parties to come together and battle the #1 cancer in young men that has taken too many before their time.

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