Please Don’t Hit This Cactus With Your Golf Balls

Please Don't Hit This Cactus With Your Golf Balls

The thwack of a golf ball is a satisfying sound, but hitting a drive into a protected saguaro cactus is not cool. A video posted on Instagram has gone viral after a duffer smacked a ball right into the majestic plant.

The incident took place at the We-Ko-Pa Golf Club in Fort McDowell, Arizona, and was reposted on a popular Instagram account called Golfer Doing Things. It depicts a man driving a golf ball right into the center of a saguaro cactus and watching a blast of water spurt from the impact. He then fistbumps his partner as the video ends.

The saguaro cactus is only found in the Sonoran desert of Arizona and are protected by the Native Plant Protection Act. Destroying them can result in a class four felony charge. A representative from the We-Ko-Pa Golf Club confirmed that people often hit balls at the cactuses, saying “People think it’s fun. There’s a couple of cacti that are closer to tee boxes out on our course that just have holes all over them.”

The staff tries to talk to golfers about respecting the plants, but admit it’s an uphill battle. People are still trying to track down the golfer responsible.

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