A Pokeball Got Used In An MMA Fight


Pokemon Go is the hot fad app of the moment, with millions of people hitting the streets to capture imaginary monsters on their cell phones. We never thought we’d see this, though - an MMA fighter celebrated a nasty knockout victory by rolling a Pokeball at his opponent to capture him.

Bellator 138 took place in London over the weekend and one of the most anticipated fights was Michael Page against Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos. After a fairly evenly matched first round, Page found an opening in the second when Santos went in for a takedown, rocking him with a brutal knee to the face that rendered him unconscious. As the referee announced the decision, one of Page’s cornermen passed him a parcel that included a Pokemon trainer hat and a Pokeball - the device used to capture the fighting beasts in the game.

Page then rolled the Pokeball towards his fallen foe and did the trademark pose trainers do after a successful capture in the game. It was in all probability the nerdiest victory celebration ever seen inside a cage, and the crowd ate it up.

Santos wasn’t so lucky - the knee caused a major fracture in his skull and veteran UFC commentator Joe Rogan called it “the worst MMA injury he’d ever seen,” which is saying something. If you’re not squeamish, click here to check it out.