Pound House Episode 14: The Balls Episode

Every show has to have its very own balls episode. You know, it’s like in the ’80s, when every show had a diet pills story arc, or in the ’70s when we all had to learn about stranger danger. Well, now the shows are online, and the ball episode is a trend that…begins right now. We hope this is a trend that catches on.

Truthfully, though, it might not. Heck, the channel it’s on might not even catch on. “buh” has been around for a couple of years, and it’s an offshoot of “JASH”—a comedy collective started (and apparently abandoned) by comedy luminaries such as Tim & Eric and Sarah Silverman. JASH has been dark for a few months now, having struggled to gain significant traction, but buh continues for the time being. Will they capitalize on the surging wave of balls content? Will the channel be around in six months? Why are a couple of Cali bros in sunglasses orders of magnitude more popular than Michael Cera?

Only time will tell. On the first two things, anyway. We kind of get the Cera thing.