Here’s A Quick Testicle Explainer To Start Your Week


We write about some pretty obscure balls-related stuff on this site, and if you’ve been visiting regularly you probably have a handle on your testicles and how to treat them. But it’s important to reach out to new readers as well who might not know as much. That’s why we’re presenting this video from sexologist Dr. Lindsey Doe as a testicle explainer.

Dr. Doe runs down the composition of your nuts, what they’re used for, and how to keep them in tip-top condition (including performing regular checks to watch out for unexpected lumps or growths that might be symptoms of testicular cancer). Because she’s a sexologist, she also spends a little time on the role of the balls in pleasure, offering tips for how to best stimulate their subtle and sensitive nerves during lovemaking.

Obviously she can’t go as in-depth in a three minute video as we do day after day on the Ball Report, but it’s a great explainer for people just getting into testicle awareness. As we head into another year of education and entertainment, it’s important to recognize that it always comes back to your balls and how you treat them.