Radio Doofus Gets His Nuts Shocked For $40

Forty dollars is not as much money as it used to be. In Canada, of course, where the CAD is approaching just 75 cents on the US single, that $40 is not nearly as attractive. Currency undergoes inflation everywhere, though, which is why the old adage about dollars not stretching so far anymore is both true and pedantic. Money becomes less valuable over time almost as a rule! You could set your watch to it, if you could afford to buy batteries for your watch anymore.

Anyhow, the point is, we’re not sure $40 is enough to get our nuts shocked by anything at any time, much less by “clamps” while we’re on the radio. It’s better than the TV, granted, and more profitable than earning, say, $30, but that’s not exactly retiring to the Caymans money.

Oh well. Back to putting other things on our balls for free. One day our ship will come in.