Raging Balls Of Steel Justice Is The Coolest Claymation Movie Ever


Computer animation has made old-school Claymation mostly a thing of the past, but some old-school animators are still rocking it. Case in point: Raging Balls Of Steel Justice, an astonishing fifteen-minute short produced by a team of hard-working creators led by a dedicated dude named Michael Mort. Mort is working on a full-length feature starring his clay cop Chuck Steel called Night of the Trampires, and if it’s anything like this one it’s guaranteed to be great. Featuring villains who murder a dude by booting him in the nuts over and over and a by-the-book robot cop, Raging Balls Of Steel Justice scratches all of our action and comedy itches in grand style. Mort started the project years ago in his basement and then managed to raise funding to hire other artists, and the end result is incredibly impressive. Watch it now.