Hockey Ref Takes A Frosty Can Right To The Nads

This snippet of hockey highlight and extreme projectile accuracy comes to us from the QMJHL (Quebec Major Junior Hockey League), so turn on your phone’s translator if you don’t speak “the language of love”.

Actually, you may not need to bother with translation, since the events are pretty well spelled out in just a couple of frames. The referee evidently did something that a fan (the aggrieved player’s brother, according to the information on the clip’s page) did not much care for, resulting in a perfectly good can of ice cold beer being thrust over the protective glass shielding, toward center ice, and landing smack dab in the poor ref’s lap, crushing his nads. It’s absurd, of course, that the fan intervened in this way, even for his brother, and probably more than a little illegal. It’s also pretty funny to watch.

Canadians: not as friendly as they seem. And they waste beer.