Rhett And Link Get Matching Vasectomies

Rhett and Link are the hosts of Good Mythical Morning, which claims to be the most-watched daily show on the Internet. That’s quite an accomplishment! The duo have been creating video content together since 1992, first in high school by writing screenplays and filming parts of them, and then with the rise of YouTube online. So they’re pretty close, you could say.

That closeness is on display in fine form in this recent installment of Good Mythical Morning, as the boys head in to their doctor’s office and both get vasectomies. Both Rhett and Link are married with children, so they’ve decided the time is right to get their tubes cut so as to prevent any accidents. The clip is very worth watching, as they maintain a cheerful disposition throughout the whole thing, from the pre-procedure Valium to the discussion of whether they shaved their balls.

Referring to it as a “bro-sectomy” doesn’t make things much easier, but it’s pretty hilarious all the way through, especially when Link’s dad texts him and asks what he’s up to. Reproductive health is no joke around here at the Ball Report, but props to these two for thinking about their balls and the future.