Rider Jumps Horse Nude For Testicular Cancer Charity

Rider Jumps Horse Nude For Testicular Cancer Charity

Raising awareness of testicular cancer and funding for research to stop the nefarious disease is a mission of people around the world, and here at the Ball Report we’re going to shout out to our allies wherever we can find them. This particular dude, though, is going the extra mile by riding a horse over a jump bareback and bare-assed. Yes, we’re talking nude equestrianism.

Bruce Langley McKim, representing Thorpley Stud, hopped on the back of one of his stallions with his kit off on September 5th and vaulted over hurdles on the horse to reaise funds for a local cancer charity, Checkemlads.

“I always ride the boys bareback, and a friend of mine who’s into natural horsemanship kept saying ‘Take the headcollar off; what are you, a wimp?’ Then she dared me to do it starkers.” Jumping a horse without the padding of a saddle can really transmit a serious impact to your tender groin, so this was quite a dare.

This wasn’t the first time Bruce has raised money for cancer charities - he lost a friend in April to a brain tumor, and has previously shaved his head for charity. But this is the first time in our memory that anybody’s rode bareback for balls. We aren’t going to encourage other people to do the same, but we have to salute this horseman’s testicular fortitude.

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