Rob Delaney Talks About His Vasectomy

Rob Delaney Talks About His Vasectomy

Rob Delaney is not only one of the funnier comedians on and off Twitter, he’s also a kind and loving husband and father who has written and spoke touchingly of the many challenges and joys of parenting in the modern world. Recently he penned a piece for The Guardian following his vasectomy on the process and how he and his wife decided to make it happen.

If you’re not familiar with the process, a vasectomy is when they snip off the vas deferens, which are the tubes that carry the sperm from the testicles. It doesn’t impair sexual function at all, but basically means that when you ejaculate no living semen are shot out to make a baby with your partner. It’s a time-tested surgery that is safe and mostly painless.

Rob Delaney, of course, has more interesting words than that. The whole piece is very much worth reading, but here’s a particularly funny excerpt:

“Then they shot some novocaine into my sack. I didn’t like that, but I figured I’d be glad they’d done it in a few minutes. Then they set to work slicing into my pouch and clamping and cutting my vas deferens. If you’re wondering if I could feel what they were doing, the answer is yes. I informed them of this and they gave me more novocaine. Since I’m not proud, I will tell you that at this point I asked for drugs or laughing gas or anything else they had handy. The nurse in turn asked me if I’d eaten breakfast that morning. The answer was yes, because it didn’t say explicitly not to in the literature they’d given me beforehand and I’m a bit of a breakfast guy. Thus, they couldn’t sedate me, lest I vomit up my breakfast and then choke on it.”

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