Rugby Player Grabs Opponent’s Junk

The world of sports has some strange rituals, but we’ve never heard of this one. New Zealand rugby teams Manly and Newcastle faced off on May 10th, and the match featured two teammates turned rivals. Korbin Sims still plays for Newcastle, but Willie Mason left that team for Manly in 2014. Typically when players find friends on the other side of the pitch, they tend to play harder. Sims… well, Sims did something different.

At the start of the second half, the two players found themselves across from each other on the pitch and Sims made a move that would go down in rugby history - he reached across and pinched Mason’s junk through his shorts.

Don’t believe me? There’s video right there, dude. Mason laughed it off as an on-field prank and Manly went on to take the game 30-10.