Scrotum Lifting Is The Hot New Surgery For Dudes

Scrotum Lifting

We’re firm believers here that all balls are beautiful, but some guys aren’t quite as easy-going. How else to explain the rise in popularity of scrotum lifting in cosmetic surgery?

As we age, our balls, like everything else on our body, tend to droop. The elasticity of tissue decreases over time, so while your balls are pert and perky as a young man, by the time you get to your midlife crisis they tend to hang a little lower. Whether this is a problem or not really depends on your self-image.

Metro has an article on why more men are choosing a surgical solution for their balls. Scrotum lifting is when the excess skin on the ballsack is trimmed away and reconnected at the “seam.” It results in a tighter, cleaner-looking scrotum with very little visible scarring. It’s an outpatient procedure that only needs local anesthetic, and the recovery period is relatively pain-free. You’re advised to avoid sex and strenuous activity for six weeks.

That said, this is absolutely not a necessary procedure by any means, so your insurance probably won’t cover it. Surgeons report that the typical customer for scrotal lifting is a man over 50 who is starting to get worried about their sexual attractiveness. We can lump this in with other surgical procedures like hair plugs and liposuction where the end goal is to deny the reality of the aging process.

What do you think? Have you ever been so concerned with the way your balls look that you would consider going under the knife? Or are you happy with your balls no matter how low they hang?