Seattle Is Getting Cool Huge Mud Balls

Seattle Is Getting Cool Huge Mud Balls

Seattle has all kinds of balls, but these are new to us. Washington State University architecture professor Taiji Miyasaka is putting the finishing touches on an exhibition entitled Circum∙ambience that consists of three enormous spheres of mud stretching 13 feet in diameter. They’re cast around internal structures made out of planks and scrap wood, and over the next few weeks master Japanese plasterers will come in and slather goop on the outside until they are beautifully spherical.

The artist came across the concept in reaction to the installation space. “I was fascinated with sheds as an architectural prototype, but when I tried to locate them in the space, I always had to think about direction. Then I think about spheres, which is much more generic and people can walk around.” Each of the three balls are going to be placed in a location that catches and diffuses light in a different way.

Circum∙ambience opens on February 24th at MadArt Studio, 325 Westlake Ave N. If you want to see the process of making these huge mud balls, the studio is open to the public from Tuesday through Friday, so stop by if you’re in the Emerald City.

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