Serena Williams Nails A Heckler With Tennis Balls

We know that this site is mostly for dudes, but you can’t deny that women take a lot of crap in this world. Street harassment, the wage gap, you name it. Even a storied athletic champion like Serena Williams is the target of unwanted comments about everything from her body to the noise she makes when she hits a tennis ball.

Williams is on the cover of Glamour Magazine this month and to celebrate she set up a little exercise on the courts. With a basket of balls and a cohort in full body armor, Williams demonstrated exactly what she’d like to do to the guys behind all of those unwelcome comments. Every time the dumbass opened his mouth to say something about how she should “show a little more skin on the court,” she unloaded with a punishing serve right to his body. One shot even hit so hard that it lodged in the gap between the armor plates around his groin. That was no accident, either - somebody with the skill of Serena Williams hits what they aim at.

With a serve speed that has been clocked at over 128 miles per hour, Williams is capable of wreaking havoc on any chump dumb enough to open his mouth. So if you see her on the street with a tennis racket, maybe think twice before you catcall the pro.