Sesame Balls & Sex Cereal: Breakfast of Champions

“There’s no sex in it…I think it may just be a marketing strategy.”

If you didn’t know that musing was taken from this, a video review of a variety of unusual (mostly Asian) foodstuffs from a bewildered white lady, it could truly apply to anything. These days, sex is a marketing strategy first and foremost, and a means of reproduction second. Never has that fact been more obvious than in the deployment of “Sex Cereal”, a gender-specific breakfast food designed to make people horny, apparently. Discovery News has the details:

For women, there are chia seeds, almonds, cacao nibs, ginger and, among others, maca, a Peruvian plant known for its sex-enhancing benefits. Along with maca (a key ingredient in Horny Goat Weed), men’s ingredients include bee pollen, pumpkin seeds, goji berries, Vitiamin-C enriched camu camu berries and, for confidence, a sprinkle of powder made from the pulverized penis bone of a blue whale. Just kidding about that last ingredient. Ehrlich didn’t include that in his recipe. But as Wooderson once said, “It’d be a lot cooler if you did.”

Our reviewer, PiinkSparkles, is over the moon about the flavor and skeptical about the gimmick, as we all should be. Perhaps there are foodstuffs out in the world that will make you more aroused or virile or whatever; but oats ain’t one of ’em.

The sesame balls, predictably, taste like sesame.