Sex Noises Interrupt Pro Tennis Match


The thing with tennis is that you need to be pretty focused during a game. That ball is moving really fast and you have a whole court to cover. So when loud sex noises broke into a match at the Sarasota Open, we actually saw a break in the action while the players and officials got their composure back.

Here’s the background: Frances Tiafoe was matching Mitchell Krueger in an exciting contest when suddenly loud moans of pleasure echoed over the court. It was determined that the carnal noises were emitting from a nearby apartment. The coital occupants obviously had no idea that their pleasure could be heard on the court, but the sex noises made it difficult for anybody to concentrate. Announcer Mike Cation remarked on it through the game.

The match took a brief pause in the hope that the excited couple would finish up so they could play in peace, but when that didn’t seem forthcoming Tiafoe and Krueger decided to play through it. The duo kept their sense of humor, with Tiafoe remarking “It can’t be that good” before one serve. Check it out for yourself on the video above.

Thanks to the Sunday World for the tip.