Shaq Once Poured Milk All Over His Balls

Shaq Once Poured Milk All Over His Balls

If there’s one basketball Hall of Famer who has enough wild stories to keep you entertained for weeks, it’s Shaq. Shaquille O’Neal is a larger than life figure in just about every way, as his recent venture into professional wrestling has shown. With seemingly no verbal filter and very little capacity for embarrassment, the big guy has shared some pretty wild tales about his life on and off the court. One recent one involved a mishap with Icy Hot and his gonads.

Shaq went on Conan O’Brien’s Need A Friend podcast and related a locker room tale that must have been a hoot at the time. Like many athletes, O’Neal used Icy Hot to treat bruises and muscle strains after games. But before one game, when the trainer rubbed the salve into a thigh bruise, he went a little too high and it got on the bottom of his balls.

“During the game, my little guys started getting hot - like, really hot. I thought something was wrong. It got to the point where I was like: ‘Hey man, I think I need a doctor, my little guys are on fire’,” he said.

He left the court and hit the showers, but water just spread the burning sensation even more. Thankfully, a caretaker told him that milk would rinse it off without spreading it more, so he got a bottle and started rinsing his genitals right as the rest of the team walked in. Awkward!

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